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Blizzard has cancelled their massively multiplayer game Titan. The MMO, kept under tight wraps by the company, had been in development for seven years.

"We didn't find the fun," Blizzard CEO Mike Morhaime told Polygon. "We didn't find the passion. We talked about how we put it through a reevaluation period, and actually, what we reevaluated is whether that's the game we really wanted to be making. The answer is no."

Titan was never officially announced by Blizzard but the company spoke about it from time to time. At first, many assumed it was an MMO based on StarCraft or Diablo. However, Blizzard eventually that it wasn't part of any existing franchise.

It seemed in recent years like a formal reveal of Titan was imminent. Blizzard chief operating officer Paul Sams said in 2011 that it was already playable and "awesome." A year later, chief creative officer Rob Pardo said that the development team had over 100 employees.

The first signs of trouble came in May 2013, when VentureBeat reported that the Titan team had been reduced. The project itself was also being "reset," which meant that it wouldn't be released until 2016.

“We’ve always had a highly iterative development process, and the unannounced MMO is no exception," a Blizzard spokesperson said at the time. "We’ve come to a point where we need to make some large design and technology changes to the game. We’re using this opportunity to shift some of our resources to assist with other projects while the core team adapts our technology and tools to accommodate these new changes. Note that we haven’t announced any dates for the MMO.”

Blizzard senior vice president of story and franchise development Chris Metzen, also interviewed by Polygon, compared Titan to a rock album that simply didn't come together.

"We took a step back and realized that it had some cool hooks. It definitely had some merit as a big, broad idea, but it didn't come together. It did not distill. The music did not flow. For all our good intentions and our experience and the pure craftsmanship that we brought together, we had to make that call."

Morhaime didn't rule out Blizzard making another MMO some day. However, it seems for the meantime they're going to focus on projects like collectible card game Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft and multiplayer online battle arena Heroes of the Storm. These games are much smaller in scope than WoW and make their money through microtransactions rather than subscriptions.

Having never seen Titan, I can't say whether or not Blizzard's making the right call here. What I will say, though, is that the expectations for that game would've been astronomical on launch. It might not be intended as World of Warcraft 2 but there were a lot of WoW players anticipating it to be their next big MMO. I'm not surprised that Blizzard would want to focus on smaller projects with much less pressure.

Now that the game's been officially scrapped, I hope that we'll see some footage of this game leak. I'm really curious to see what they thought was worth seven years of development.

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