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During EA's Gamescom press conference, Crytek announced a new competitive game mode called "Hunter." In a Hunter match, two players in cloaked Nanosuits must stalk and kill 14 CELL troopers before time expires.

That might seem like an unbalanced match at first. However, there's a twist: every CELL trooper that dies will respawn as a Hunter. While the Hunters are greatly outnumbered at first, momentum will quickly swing in their favor once they pick off a few troopers. Many matches will end with one or two scared CELL troopers running for their life.

I've always been a fan of multiplayer modes that manage to translate the most appealing part of the single-player experience into an online context. Hunter mode seems to do just that. The highlight of Crysis and Crysis 2's campaigns was stalking and killing hapless troopers. This new multiplayer mode will let players do just that, except with human prey.

To see the Hunter Mode for yourself, take a gander at the screenshots and trailer below.

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