The vegetable zombies still haven't been showcased much in Naughty Dog's upcoming third-person, survival, shooting, dramatic action game The Last of Us. The latest trailer continues the trend of minimal zombie interaction as the two lead characters run into a guy named Bill who owes them a few favors.

Joel and Ellie find themselves inside Bill's rundown shack-of-a-house, which seems to be vegetable-zombie proof. Before everyone gets all cozy and comfortable, everything quickly devolves and the situation goes from friendly-safe-house-environment to I'm-about-to-put-a-bullet-into-your-skull. Check it out below.

It's pretty interesting how things quickly turned around in that scene. I also found it funny that the same zombie rules apply: bites, scratches, and vegetable gardens growing out of your back are clear indicators that you could be turning into a vegetable-zombie.

It's still hard to gauge how open, how big or how immersive the game will be in the long run of things. Based on this plot point it definitely seems like the crux of the plot is getting some vehicle parts and getting the heck out of New York. Definitely makes sense for the last few remaining survivors who aren't bandits, killers, murderers or thieves.

You can look for The Last of Us to launch next year exclusively for the PlayStation 3. To learn more feel free to visit the Official Website.

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