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A new exclusive for the PS3 will be unveiled the Spike Video Game Awards. However, you don't need to wait until then to catch a glimpse of it. The teaser site for The Last Of Us is already live.

The website has two teaser videos. The first, below, shows footage of a quarantine and riots. A voiceover hints that, essentially, the world as we know it has been wiped out. Then, we're shown the game's logo.

The second, unembeddable video, shows an ant dying to some sort of infection. Game Fanatics points out that the footage is taken from the BBC series Planet Earth. This particular segment is talking about a parasitic fungi called Cordyceps. Cordyceps, in the video, kills the ant and causes fungi to grow from its body. This fungi can burst and wipe out an entire colony of ants. To prevent the infected from causing any damage, the other ants carry it far away from the colony and dump it there while the fungi grows.

The first video with the riots is tagged "Cordyceps." The implication is that a similar infection has taken over mankind. Where the player will fit into all of this remains to be seen.

The Spike Video Game Awards will take place on December 10th. The website for Last of Us has the date "12/7/11," so I guess we'll hear more about the game before the show.