I’m going to call the new Halo – and not the one featuring the Orbital Drop Troopers – Halo 4. This isn’t a rumor, either. Purposefully, Microsoft has unofficially announced that a new Halo sequel needs a good design team, and it’s all aimed at making a newer and better Halo experience.

V For VideoGames (V4VG) recently came across the posting on GamaSutra. Microsoft is looking for lead designers, programmers, producers and artists.

V4VG speculates that the game may not be in the works for the Xbox 360. In a way, that actually makes a heck of a lot of sense, because the Xbox 360 is pretty much at its working end. The system has been outdated for a long time, shortly after its launch, and Microsoft would only do the gaming world justice by retiring the bulky beast and having a new Halo game ripe and ready for the next generation of Xbox consoles. Xbox 720, anyone? Besides, if MS Game Studios is still bringing in a development team for the new game, it probably wouldn't be hitting store shelves until two or three years from now.

There were also rumors that Gearbox may have been working on the project as well, but they’re still fixing up their half-a-million gun matrix for Borderlands. So it seems unlikely that they could be the culprits behind the next Halo game. Then again, they were simultaneously reenacting War World II with BIA: Hell’s Highway, while also working on Aliens and Borderlands. In that regards, maybe they could be helping with the new Halo project.

For the most part, everything is rumor except for the fact that Microsoft is working on a Halo sequel and that they do need some talented folks to help get the game done.

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