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With Halloween right around the corner, we thought it would be a good idea to treat our readers without any tricks...or is it the other way around? Anyway, here is a list of our Top 5 horror games you will never get to play on Halloween. Oh, don’t worry, we’ll explain exactly why these titles never came to be, and maybe you’ll thank us later for reminding you of why Halloween is a lot more fun without some of these games.

No. 5: Darkness
First of all, this is not the same game that 2K Games acquired from Majesco, and managed to turn it into a very successful hit. No, this here is a game that was in development by the Doom 3 team at id Software, and it managed to be a lot like..uh....Doom 3. The premise was about players trying to survive in a hostile environment after a plane crash. And get this, monsters would be hiding in dark shadows and creeping out of closets to grab you. Ohhh, scary. The idea was so trite to the higher-ups of the company that after spending so many months in development, the game was finally given the ax. I can’t blame them for wanting to cancel this game. Besides, we already have enough Doom 3 clones out there...it’s just about every other shooter game coming out of id Software’s studios.

No. 4 Resident Evil Projects
It amazes me how many Resident Evil games were made and canceled. Just amazing. And here it is I thought the dialogue was as campy as could be, and the zombies were already laughable. Surprisingly enough, there were actually worse renditions of the game that Capcom even thought was horrendous. Well, among the dead of the RE series includes the [noteworthy] Game Boy port, which didn’t go over too well with Capcom because it was of “poor quality”. There is also the now infamously canceled, “Hook man” rendition of Resident Evil 4, which was canned and recreated for the GameCube (thank goodness). The most renown RE game that was canceled was the game that was supposed to be Resident Evil 2, now known as Resident Evil 1.5, since Capcom felt it resembled the original Resident Evil far too much. H’m, sort of how RE3 was pretty much a lot like RE2 with a change in the cast of characters?

No. 3: Dead Rush
The alternative developers of Call of Duty, and the recent heads behind Quantum of Solace, Treyarch, were once working on a horror game under the publishing rights of Activision. It was set for release in 2005, and was about a guy named Jake, who was suffering from amnesia after a giant earthquake. Consequently, the earthquake also managed to turn most of everyone in the town of Eastport, into zombies. Yeah that's weird, eh? Anyway, the real hook for Dead Rush was for players to use a couple of different vehicles present throughout the game, which could be upgraded as well. One of the other gimmicks to this survival/horror game was that the zombies could mess up your ride. So it was a constant balance of killing zombies and maintaining your vehicle. Nice. This survival/horror/driving game will never see the light of day on your PS2, and maybe that’s all for the best.

No. 2: Demonik
This game was actually a little bit popular before dying. Some of you may have even heard of this game, which was developed in part with Clive Barker to release with the movie. Terminal Reality was behind the development helm and Majesco once had the publishing rights. But then, everything seemed to fall through. The game itself wasn’t greatly original, but burrowed interesting concepts from game’s like Messiah and Geist. This third-person action game never quite materialized correctly, and the soul-sucking, rag-doll throwing demon ended up being dumped by Majesco, despite the game picking up some recognition in the movie Grandma’s Boy. Unlike The Darkness, though, which 2K Games retrieved, Demonik lay by the wayside...never to see the light of day, or darkness of night. But I’m not complaining, the lead [demon] character looked like a guy in a red custom, wearing stilts.

No. 1: City of the Dead
This has to be the most popular canceled survival/horror game you will ever come across. With just about every major (and minor) gaming publication having covered this game, you would have thought someone might have revived it. Sadly, George A. Romero’s City of the Dead never quite came to be. Hip Interactive and Kuju Entertainment had a real hook and line with this game, featuring the voice and talents of Hollywood effect artist, and actor, Tom Savini. City of the Dead was a fast-paced first-person shooter that could have kicked major butt. A nice selection of high (and low) powered weapons, great animations, a smooth lighting system and streamlined levels gave this game a good feel. As a matter of fact, City of the Dead showed great semblance to Turtle Rock’s Left 4 Dead. Featuring dismemberment, rag-doll and some physics-based gameplay, City of the Dead was a high-octane horror game that just didn’t have enough strings to keep it in play. This is probably the only game on the list that deserved to be played on Halloween. But no worries, much of what you would have played in City of the Dead made the transition to Left 4 Dead. Heck, even the titles are similar. In a way, all was not lost.

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