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Back in 2008, Ubisoft released a Prince of Persia reboot with cel-shaded graphics and a new storyline. They were once considering an even more drastic twist on the series, though.

Former Ubisoft Jonathan Jacques-Belletête told CVG that around the time the 2008 reboot was in development, he was planning a modern day PoP. "[Ubisoft] wanted really something completely out of the left field. And back then I was known as one of the ones... 'oh this guy can get some pretty cool, weird ideas'."

"So I had this little team, and [our PoP] was actually in the contemporary world. Think a bit Day After Tomorrow, but replace the snow with sand and everything. It was really wicked. But it got cancelled, and then we did all the Far Cry's."

Again, Ubisoft was already developing the cel-shaded PoP so maybe they figured one reinvention was enough.

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