M.A.G News

MAG Shutting Down This Week
Gran Turismo 5, Resistance Online Multiplayer Shutting Down
Zipper Interactive Shutting Down
SOCOM Developer Shutting Down?
MAG Birthday Celebrated With XP Bonuses
MAG 2.0 Update Goes Live With Move Support
PS3 Greatest Hits Adds Call Of Duty 4, Demon’s Souls, And More
MAG Patch 1.07 Introduces Happy Hour
MAG Interdiction Expansion Pack Adds Game Mode, Maps
God Of War III Now $35, Mass Effect 2 Is $40
MAG Gets Another Double XP Weekend
MAG Fast Attack Pack DLC Coming April 29th
Free MAG Trooper Gear Pack DLC Coming Next Week
MAG Launch Trailer Parachutes In
Mass Effect 2, MAG Midnight Launch Locations Announced By GameStop
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