Patch 1.07 for multiplayer shooter MAG is now live. In addition to fixing bugs and adding a faction neutral version of Suppression game mode, the patch introduces a "Happy Hour" mechanic.

"Happy Hour" is an XP bonus for your first hour of play each day. During that hour, you'll get 100% of the usual XP. It's a clever way to get you playing regularly, sort of like the Random Dungeons and Battlegrounds in World of Warcraft.

The full patch notes are below.


  • “Happy Hour” XP Bonus has been added to give players a 100% XP bonus for their first hour of gameplay every 24-hour period
  • All “Suppression” mode maps can now be attacked by all PMCs
  • All “Sabotage” mode maps can now be attacked or defended by all PMCs
  • Added functionality that allows each game mode to have its own unique XP bonuses
  • Fixed bug that would sometimes delay the proper initial spawn times.
  • Repaired bug that sometimes inverted a player’s control scheme following a parachute drop
  • Reduced helicopter settle time and significantly increased health to strengthen their use as a forward spawn point
  • Slight increase to bunker turret damage vs. vehicles


  • Shotgun overhaul with reduced maximum, effective and headshot ranges; small increase in magazine size, shot spread, and shoot speed following reload (12 Gauge Pump, Boudini 12 Gauge, T-195)
  • Increased initial magazine count for Sub-Machine Guns, Assault Rifles, and Sniper Rifles
  • Corrected a tuning error with assault rifle and light sniper rifle foregrips, returning them to their previous level of recoil
  • Slight decrease in reload time for KP5 Sub-Machine gun
  • Updated Light Machine Gun muzzle flash effect and increased reload time by 15% (MK46 Mod0, Apex 100, RTK-74)
  • Increased reload time by 10% for Medium Machine Guns (KP45 MG, MK43 Mod 1, PKP MG)
  • Slight decrease in crouch-fire spread for AK-74U Assault Rifle
  • Minor increase in fire-spread for ATAC 2000 Assault Rifle
  • Pistols are now held closer to the center of the screen (M9, F57, IZ-443)

Map – Alyeska Terminus

  • Repaired glitch in which players could walk through the wall on into Vent Station F without destroying the gate
  • Fixed bug that made snipers laying prone on the balcony of the “Great Wrangler Café” immune to damage
  • Various collision and art fixes that prevent players from gaining access to areas that were not intended to be accessible

Map – Flores Basin Transfer

  • Remapped all Objectives to more closely match other Domination missions
  • Extended to roof cover for Objective buildings in Platoons 1 and 3
  • Added cover to railing in Platoon 1 building for additional Defender-side protection
  • Added additional roof panels to Objective buildings in Platoons 2 and 4
  • Added roof cover to the Defender spawn exits
  • Removed some cover located on top of the boats in Platoon 2 to improve AAA and bunker sightline
  • Changed the access points leading onto the AAA boats in Platoon 2
  • The flank route on the left side of Platoon 1 has been cut off
  • Partially obstructed segments of the flank route on the right side of Platoon 1
  • Added more sightline obstructions between the Objective building doors and the Defender spawn exits in Platoon 3
  • Blocked the direct sightline at Objective B
  • Added sight-line obstructions at Objective C and G buildings
  • Reduced the number of access points that attackers have in all Objective buildings
  • Repositioned Bravo bunker in Platoon 2 to eliminate long sightlines on multiple Attacker spawns
  • Repositioned Delta bunker in Platoon 2 to improve AAA sightline and give Attackers better spawn protection
  • Pulled back the tank traps in Platoon 1 to the Defender’s side of the bridge
  • Various collision and art fixes that prevent players from gaining access to areas that were not intended to be accessible


  • Added display to all game mode queues that show the current XP bonus attached to that queue
  • Added countdown timer to Bleedout screen to show how many seconds are left before the player’s next PMC spawn wave begins
  • Fixed display issue with “Sabotage” wherein the incorrect number of player dots were shown on the mode side-panel

Audio/ Visual

  • Improved lightmapping effects for Alyeska Terminus and Flores Basin Transfer Domination maps
  • Added “surface” sounds when driving vehicles to reflect what kind of terrain is being driven on


  • Updated patching technology to allow for smaller patch sizes when updating maps
  • Repaired crash bugs associated with spending too much time in the CNI or being killed via headshot while using it
  • Fixed display issue that resulted in dead players appearing to “float” above the location in which they died
  • Fixed bug that prevented Squad Leaders from receiving points for destroying enemy vehicles with air strikes
  • Various localization updates

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