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Father Creates A Video Game To Help Mourn The Loss Of His Son

After the loss of his son in 2014, Ryan Green and his family were stricken with the kind of grief that haunts the nightmares of parents everywhere. The Greens lost five-year-old Joel after a battle with brain cancer. To cope with the loss and to mourn his son’s memory, Ryan Green did something not many other families think of when losing a family member: he designed a video game.

This Chinese Knockoff System Is Surprisingly Brazen

The Chinese version of Kickstarter has an awfully strange surprise waiting for visitors who go to check it out. GameSpot reports a console called "Ouye" is being advertised there, and it appears extremely familiar.

Here's Why Hardware Company Razer Has Just Acquired Ouya

After a few months of speculation, Razer has stepped in to purchase Ouya. The crowd-funded game console is now under the peripheral company's wing and Razer will continue to use the Ouya brand name while also appropriating the necessary tech into their own Android TV line of products.

OUYA Will Have 12 New Games Showcased At GDC

12 New games... that's how you revive a console. Right? Well, if a handful of games are going to revive the Nintendo Wii U, why can't a dozen games revive the OUYA?

Fist Puncher Finally Punching With Fists On Ouya

Sometimes evil-doers need to get punched with a fist, and in those times of need, it’s good to know that we, as gamers, have Fist Puncher to rely on. And while Fist Puncher might not be the hero Ouya deserves, it’s officially the hero it’s going to get. Or something like that. I was only half paying attention during the last Batman movie.

Dex: Side-Scrolling Cyberpunk RPG Lands On Kickstarter

A new side-scrolling, 2D role-playing game has been announced on Steam's Greenlight as well as a title seeking public crowd-sourcing on Kickstarter. The name of the game? Dex. It's being designed by a Czech design team going by the name of Dreadlocks Software.

Zombie Driver Smashes Into Ouya

While new games are dropping on the Ouya on a regular basis, it can be hard to tell which ones are worth your hard-earned dollars. Thankfully, every now and then, a tried and true IP makes the jump from other platforms, meaning you'll know exactly what you're getting yourself into. Such is the case with Zombie Driver HD, previously well received elsewhere and now available on the tiny Android-powered home console.

Walking Dead Season 1 And 2 Coming To Ouya

One of the most critically acclaimed games of 2012 is going to be released on the Ouya. Telltale Games announced today that they're going to release their adventure game The Walking Dead on the Android-powered console along with its 400 Days downloadable content.

Ouya Advertisement Is A Gory, Vomit-Covered Mess

A few days ago, I ripped a commercial for the console versions of Diablo 3. It's too bad that commercial wasn't released today because it looks like a goddamn masterpiece compared to the new advertisement for the Android gaming console Ouya.

OUYA Gives Owners Store Credit For The Bugs, Sloppy Launch, Poor Support

The OUYA is a groundbreaking device. It's the first ever independent, crowd-funded game console for living room home entertainment. Quite naturally, on a budget for just under $10 million, the console launched with its own hiccups and setbacks, but that didn't stop the CEO from staying grounded and reaching out to all the company's fans and backers.

Weekly Recap July 6th: OUYA Outsells Xbox One, PC Wins E3, Xbox Live Troll Trap

The Game Critic Choice awards are in for this year's explosive E3 and the PC comes out as the big winner of the event and the Xbox One and Xbox 360 tie to come in second place. The pre-order lists from around the world also indicate that the PS4 is leading the charts but with a very interesting twist: the OUYA outsold the Xbox One as a best seller of 2013 on Amazon Canada's list.

PS4 Pre-Orders Make It 2013's Best Selling Console On Amazon So Far

So, we're still only halfway into 2013 and we've hit a bit of a problem with the pre-console war build up for the 2013 holiday fallout: The PlayStation 4 has kind of buried the Xbox One and Wii U on one of the world's biggest online retailers, the world around.

Weekly Recap June 29th: OUYA Launches, WWE 2K14 Gameplay Revealed, Nvidia Shield Delayed

2K Games unveils their first WWE game with new gameplay of WWE 2K14 for home consoles. Nvidia has delayed the Shield due to some minor production difficulties and the $99 home entertainment consoles, the OUYA, has launched this week and managed to sell out at multiple retailers and Amazon.

OUYA Sells Out At Amazon, GameStop In Just One Day

If the Wii U is “the little engine that could” I guess the OUYA is “the little soapbox car that might”? Anyway, the $99 game console from OUYA officially launched this week and in less than a day it has already sold out nationwide. Score one for gamers funding start-up companies to produce a $99 game console via Kickstarter. Yeah!

OUYA Now Available At Retail For $99

The Jellybean running Android-based, $99 console has officially launched at retailers across the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom at GameStop, Best Buy, GAME and Target. With more than 17,000 registered developers, 170 launch games and 1080p support, OUYA could be a disruptive piece of technology in the home console space.

Omni, Next-Gen Virtual Reality Treadmill Coming January, 2014

You won't have to pledge any money to this bad boy because it's already been funded. Yep, with a $150,000 goal on Kickstarter, the Omni from Virtuix Studios managed to rack up $344,000 after going live on Kickstarter earlier today, with 48 days to go. We're looking at another OUYA on our hands here people.

You Don't Know Jack Gets To Know Ouya June 11

The Ouya might not celebrate its wide release until later this month, but at least those who adopted the system early (as in Kickstarter early) will have a new game to sink their teeth into come June 11. It's You Don't Know Jack, and it comes packed with all the features trivia fans remember from the classic game.

GMod Kickstarter Lets You Install, Manage Mods For All Your Games

Not to be confused with the popular niche sandbox game, Garry's Mod, GMod from Olympus Games isn't actually a game but product and asset management software application. In simple terms, it lets you download, install and play mods from all across the internet for any and all of your moddable games.

Portal Designer's Soul Fjord Is Ouya Exclusive

Kim Swift, the designer behind first-person puzzle games Portal and Quantum Conundrum, has revealed her next game. Soul Fjord is a cross between Norse mythology and Blaxploitation. Wait, what?

OUYA 3DMark Tests FPS At 1080p, See Where It Ranks

Did you know that Futuremark's 3DMark benchmarking suite was available for OUYA? Well, technically it's not. However, there is an Android-compatible version of 3DMark and since OUYA is powered by Android, it didn't take long for a few bright minds to get a cross-compatible version of 3DMark Studio working on an OUYA devkit.

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