Those of us who have missed seeing Kiefer Sutherland on the small screen will finally have the 24 star back in action (somewhat) on Fox next week when Touch makes its official debut at the network. While that’s good news for fans, the not-so-good news is that it sounds like his involvement in the show may be the cause of a delay for the much anticipated 24 movie.

The 24 movie follow-up to the popular action series had yet to receive a green light, but word was, things were supposed to start moving for the project later this month. But now Deadline is reporting that the decision has been made by 20th Century Fox not to move forward with the project this year. Rumor has it, budget issues and Sutherland’s availability are to blame for the delay. While Sutherland is reportedly “upset because he was sparked up to resume his role” as Jack Bauer, terrorist-fighter-extraordinaire, Fox isn’t so sure they’ll have enough time to finish the film before Sutherland has to return to Touch For Season 2. That’s assuming it gets picked up for a second season, of course. If the series lives up to its pilot and viewers like it as much as I did, there’s a good chance it will.

Deadline goes on to question whether Fox will want to move forward with the film once Sutherland’s next hiatus comes up. It seems likely that people will continue to be interested in a follow-up to the TV show, especially considering Jack Bauer’s less than happy ending at the series’ conclusion.

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