24 Movie Update: Kiefer Sutherland Says The Script Is Close To Finished

Whether or not you’re a fan of TV shows being adapted for the big screen, if you’re a 24 fan and recall how things ended for Jack Bauer when the Fox series wrapped up, a movie is necessary, if only go to give us some better closure for the character we followed and cheered on for eight seasons.

Fox's action-drama series 24 followed Jack Bauer (Kiefer Sutherland), an agent of an anti-terrorist organization called CTU (insert interoffice CTU phone-ring sound here) as he routinely attempted to save the country from some terrorist plot, often exposing or helping to expose government corruption in the process. The series played out in real time, with each 24-episode season taking place over the course of a single day. The big screen adaptation is not likely to be 24 hours, and the shift in format may be part of what’s taking so long for the film script to be completed.

?(Via Digital Spy) The Telegraph did an interview with Sutherland and asked him about the progress of the 24 movie. Sutherland said they’re close to getting the script finished, going on to say:

“That’s been the most difficult thing. You have to remember that we have 24 hours to explain the stories in 24 and so trying to condense that into a two-hour film version has been a real shift in gear for us. We were originally trying to make it too big and put too much into it – but once we relaxed, we found out how to tell that story. So yes we definitely do plan on making the film.”

The pacing of the series was one of the things that made 24 work, however those of us who continued to tune in even after the novelty of the real-time format wore off, did so because we loved Jack Bauer, Chloe, Tony, David Palmer and some of the other excellent characters who appeared in the series. It’s good to hear they’re relaxing and finding a way to tell the story in a movie format. I like to think of Jack Bauer as falling in line with John McClane or Martin Riggs. The big screen could use a hero like Bauer and there’s certainly potential for the character in later films, should the first 24 movie work out.

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