The fun thing about Peter Jackson’s Middle-earth movies is that there’s no hemming and hawing about when we might get a sequel. Jackson has spent most of the last two years in production on The Hobbit trilogy, and while they still have some more stuff to shoot they’re now just assembling their footage and getting ready to send The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug into theaters. But while they’re getting the sequel ready for theaters, what lessons can the production team learn from the successes and mistakes of the first film? What things should carry over and what should be left behind?

Let Us Get To Know More Of The Dwarves
Just as it is in the book, one of the first scenes in The Hobbit sees the company of dwarves arriving to Bilbo Baggins’ home to enjoy a nice dinner and overwhelm the poor Halfling with their large numbers. But while Tolkien has the dwarves arrive in pairs are groups to the door in the novel, in the movie version the “arrival” sequence eventually gets tired and Jackson instead chooses to just have the entire rest of the group pile in through Bilbo’s door. What’s important, however, is that it’s indicative of a bigger problem.

When I was on set a few months back I had the chance to learn all about the individual dwarves in the movie and their separate personalities and stories, but unfortunately a lot of that didn’t make it into the first movie, with certain ones like Dwalin (Graham McTavish) and Thorin (Richard Armitage) taking most of the screen time and letting the others to be basically extras. Hopefully the director will use some of the next two movies to let us meet some of the other members of the group just as well.

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