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You simply can't keep an old man down in the movie business-- Clint Eastwood is proof enough of that fact. Now four of the most illustrious old coots we have-- Al Pacino, Barry Levinson, Buck Henry and Philip Roth-- are teaming up for the first time, with Pacino set to start in a movie version of The Humbling, Roth's newest novel about an aging stage actor who starts up with a younger woman.

According to The New York Times, Levinson will direct and Henry, who wrote The Graduate, will adapt the screenplay. It's worth noting that The Humbling got only so-so reviews when it was published, and none of Roth's novels have been adapted for film all that successfully. Still, good on 'em for trying. If they can get a good Pacino performance out it, it'll all be worth it-- not to mention being a downright miracle.

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