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Before we even get into the video in question, I want to address the inherent irony. This is a PSA recorded by Anthony Hopkins, in character as Alfred Hitchcock as he will be in the upcoming film Hitchcock, that is airing in movie theaters and warning moviegoers not to text or use their phones during the film. The entire reason we can see this video is because someone was, in fact, using their phone to record it. We do not support piracy and especially using your phone to text in the middle of a movie like a jackass. That said, it's a good ad and gets the point across. Take a look below.

Though this looks like a bootleg, PR people who are promoting Hitchcock are forwarding the video around, so it's maybe a release cannily made to look like a bootleg. The joke probably would have worked better if it had ended with another audience member screaming at the camera-holder to turn the damn thing off, which is what i generally do when people use a phone in a theater around me (the only time I've actively seen piracy is when I saw the 3D re-release of The Phantom Menace and someone was recording it… a movie widely available on DVD and airing on cable every day. It was an act of idiocy so insane I couldn't bring myself to speak up.)

If you want to see more of Hopkins as the great horror director, see Hitchcock in theaters November 23. If you watch a pirated copy of it, you will have definitely missed the point. And if you text in the theater when you see it, the person screaming at you from inside the theater will probably be me.
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