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There was a 12 year period in between the releases of James Cameron's Titanic and Avatar. While he had other projects in the works, mostly dealing in underwater documentaries, it took him that long to develop both the story and technologies needed to make his science-fiction epic. After Avatar came out and became the biggest box office hit of all time, it was announced that the filmmaker would begin working on Avatar 2. Obviously we didn't expect the next movie to come out the next year, but it looks like we're going to be waiting a long, long time.

Bleeding Cool had the chance to speak with Avatar producer Jon Landau this morning, who said that Avatar 2 is still four years away. While original reports said that the movie would come out in 2013 or 2014, this update means that we may not see the movie until 2016 (that is, unless he meant production will start that year, which would put the film's actual release sometime in 2017 or 2018). Landau also said that one of the key things that James Cameron is interested in exploring with Avatar 2 is a higher frame rate. Last February it was reported that the movie would be made at 60 frames per second, which is even faster than the 48 fps that Peter Jackson is currently using for The Hobbit.

This will be crushing news to all of those people that suffered from Pandora withdrawal/depression after watching the first movie. Looks like it will be a long time before Sam Worthington and crew head back to that particular alien planet.
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