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Jimmy Keene was a football player turned drug dealer and Brad Pitt very much wants to play him. A book has been written about Keene called In With the Devil, in which after being caught by the FBI Keene agrees to help them trick a serial killer into admitting his crimes by befriending the killer in a sanatorium where they’re incarcerated together. As a premise, it sounds spectacular. Or maybe I’ve just been watching too much Dexter.

Liz Smith says the book is being turned into a movie by Brad Pitt’s Plan B, to be released by Paramount, so if Pitt really wants the part it’s his. It sounds like the kind of part he excels in. Pitt’s great at playing strange people on the edge, backed into the corner, and maybe going just a little bit crazy. That’s how I imagine life would be like, jailed with a serial killer anyway. It’s been far too long though, since Pitt has really played that. He’s been asked to play standard leading men, or at the least, standard leading men aging backwards. For my money his best ever performance is still the one he gave in 12 Monkeys. Maybe this will give him the chance to do something beyond playing the pretty boy, again.

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