Like it or not the Evil Dead remake is happening. Sam Raimi and Bruce Campbell are involved as producers, but what we really want is Sam behind the camera and Bruce in front of it. There’s no hope of Raimi jumping in and directing this thing but the guy who is directing it, Federico Alvarez, now confirms that he plans to put Bruce Campbell to work in front of his lens.

Don’t get too excited. Bruce won’t be the star. Actually it sounds like he’ll barely be in it at all. But in an interview on El Pais translated by Bleeding Cool he says: “The only recognizable face is part of Bruce Campbell, but will be in a cameo towards the end of the film.”

So Bruce is in it, briefly, are they keeping anything else from the original movie? Maybe not much. Alvarez explains that he “will change the characters and some story details, while keeping the basic outline of friends who are beleaguered by demons in a cabin alone.”

In the interview Federico says they’re probably going to offend existing Evil Dead fans, but also seems to indicate that they aren’t really making the movie for them anyway. No surprise, Evil Dead fans are a dedicated, but on the audience scale Hollywood likes to work on, pretty small group. Of course you have to wonder then, if they aren’t making this for existing Evil Dead fans, why are they making it at all? Why not just make something else? Evil Dead isn’t likely to pull in a wide audience of non-fans, based on name recognition alone, is it?

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