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Classic science fiction is experiencing a renaissance right now, and it's a pretty good time to be a fan of authors like Albert Bester or Phillip K. Dick, as both are returning to wow audiences in the near future. Of course, what gathering of classic sci-fi authors would be complete without a Robert Heinlein project? Bryan Singer has apparently been thinking that exact same thing, and he's got his first post X-Men project already picked out as a result.

The Hollywood Reporter has found out that Singer is going to move on to make an adaptation of Heinlein's 1966 classic The Moon Is A Harsh Mistress after he finishes X-Men: Apocalypse - the final entry in the "First Class" trilogy of X-Men movies. Arrow executive producer, Davis Guggenheim, is going to be adapting the Heinlein story into a film titled Uprising.

The lame attempt at a more modern title aside, Uprising has a story well worth the time to tell. In a future where humans have established a colony on the Moon, a revolt is brewing between the government on the Moon and the government back on Earth. Babylon 5 fans should feel their ears perking up about now, as pretty much the same plotline was told on that show – only using Mars as the colonial outpost instead. Considering the film's story is told through three "books," it wouldn't be at all surprising if the project was split up into three separate films that told each book's story.

Seeing as this is more than likely going to be angled as a four quadrant "something for everybody" blockbuster, there's some stuff that's going to have to change from the source material. I’m primarily referring to Heinlein's less than traditional based views on human courtship, as The Moon Is A Harsh Mistress itself features polygamy as one of the societal quirks the "Loonies" have taken in their society. In fact, if one were to read through the Wikipedia entry on the story, they'd start to think that this project might fare better as a SyFy event series. Then again, considering how they screwed up the potential slam dunk that was Ascension, we might be better off going this route. At least Bryan Singer knows how to tell a complete story from start to finish.

Done right, Uprising could manage to be one of those rare sci-fi adaptations that sticks to classic source material, while bringing a more modern sensibility to the film altogether. Of course, if his track record outside of the X-Men films is any indication, this could also be the return of the Bryan Singer who made Superman Returns, or worse - Jack The Giant Slayer. In any event, should Uprising be a hit, maybe we'll finally get to see Stranger In A Strange Land on the big screen at some point. Though if you thought The Moon Is A Harsh Mistress sounded like the complete opposite of a blockbuster, you should look that story up some time.

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