Cameo Revealed In Len Wiseman's Total Recall Remake

If you've come this far, you probably don't really care if the cameo is spoiled, so this is me asking you not to yell at me about spoiler warnings in the comments section.

THR is reporting that Ethan Hawke is set to make an appearance in the Len Wiseman-directed remake of Total Recall. The article says that the details about the character are being kept strictly under wraps and stresses that the part is "cameo in nature." In the new film, Colin Farrell will take over the role of Douglas Quaid, but instead of being set on Mars, the movie will be set on Earth where everything has been divided into two nationstates: Euromerica and New Shanghai. Quaid is a factory worker who learns that he's a spy, but doesn't know which side he's working for. Bryan Cranston is attached to play the film's principal villain, while both Kate Beckinsale and Jessica Biel are in talks for the two female leads.

To be honest, by the time that Total Recall is set to come out next year you will have completely forgotten about Hawke's part and will be surprised. Who could he be playing? I'm placing all my bets on three-boob lady.

Eric Eisenberg
Assistant Managing Editor

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