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Christina Hendricks May Play A Sixties Sex Pot In Sally Potter's Bomb

Shapely ginger Christina Hendricks could be heading back to the '60s for yet another project, as the Daily Mail suggests the actress is in negotiations to join Bomb, director Sally Potter’s “No Nukes” coming-of-age drama.

Potter has already cast Elle Fanning as one of two teenagers (Alice Englart plays the other) living in England who are swept up in the “Ban the Bomb” campaign and also find themselves dipping their toes into the sexual revolution that washed over the UK. That must be where Hendricks fits in. Who better to cast in a movie set in the 1960s that boldly addresses sexuality and discovering your womanhood?

There’s no clarification in the article as to whom Hendricks would play, though if she joins the ensemble she’d be appearing alongside Alessandro Nivola as well as Annette Bening, who, according to the Mail is "considering a part in the film."

Obviously everyone is going to point to Hendricksi role in the AMC weekly drama Mad Men as the reason she’s typecastedly looked at for a role such as this. And yes, we now automatically flash to Hendricks – for better or for worse – when thinking about sexually powerful, confident women from this time period because of the work that she does as Joan on the television program. But there’s more to Hendricks than that, as people who saw her in Nicolas Winding Refn’s awards contender Drive recognized. Let’s hope she saw something worth exploring in Potter’s Bomb, and didn’t accept the part simply because she looked stunning in the period garb.

Sean O'Connell
Managing Editor

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