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A Christmas Message From James Franco

This won’t exactly do anything to change James Franco’s reputation as an eccentric. The thirty-two year old soon to be Oscar host and Best Actor nominee has taken to Funny Or Die to respond to allegations that his new movie 127 Hours is too graphic. Sporting a bright yellow “I Kept My Eyes Open For 127 Hours” t-shirt, Franco’s grandmother looks into the camera and delivers a comical and pointed Christmas diatribe directed at all the haters.

If you’re a hater, pay special attention. If you are not a hater, you might want to consider watching as well. It might be your only chance to glimpse inside the Franco family Christmas. Spoiler alert: it’s filled with warmth and swearing.

Here’s Christmas Greetings From The Francos

Christmas Greetings From the Franco's from James Franco

Mack Rawden
Mack Rawden

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