The Class Of 1997: How Do The Year's Standouts Hold Up Today?

Remember 1997? Sure you do. It was the year of Princess Diana's funeral, the year the front page of The New York Times went to color, the year of the famous Iowa septuplets and Dolly the cloned sheep. It was also the year, of course, of a bunch of movies you may or may not remember, starting with Beverly Hills Ninja in January and ending, of course, with Titanic. This weekend's 3D re-release of Titanic got us on a nostalgia trip, thinking about the movies we loved back in 1997 and have forgotten, and the movies we new nothing about at the time and loved today.

So, of course, we made a yearbook of them, figuring out which Senior Superlatives these movies would have won back in 1997, and how those reputations hold up today. Are the kids Most Likely to Succeed at the time still making good careers for themselves? Is the Class Clown of 1997 still cracking us up? It's been a long time and a lot has happened in the meantime, so let's see where our favorites from the past stand today, looking at their 1997 Senior Superlatives and where they are now-- click on any images to see it in full size. Starting, of course, with the King of the World.

Let us know which 1997 movies you remember most fondly, and which superlatives you'd assign to the movies we left out!

(Photoshop work by Kristy Puchko)