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Darren Aronofsky has been laying remarkably low ever since walking away from The Wolverine in mid-March. Presumably he's been sitting back and watching Black Swan cross $300 million global box office, figuring he's on top of the world and in no hurry to move anywhere. Rumor had it earlier this month that he might team up with George Clooney in Human Nature, a sci-fi story about a cryogenically frozen man, but Badass Digest is now reporting that two studios have Aronofsky in mind for two separate, very big projects.

They're hearing that Disney is eyeing Aronofsky to take over for the recently departed Tim Burton on Maleficent, the evil queen fairy tale story with Angelina Jolie attached to star. At the same time Warner Bros. apparently also wants him, for their Biblical epic Moses, all about the man as he leads the Jews out of slavery in Egypt. The only thing the two projects seem to have in common is that they have huge budgets, which makes them pretty similar to the Wolverine effort that Aronofsky has already walked away from. And the fact that the studios want him for both of them by no means indicates that he's the only one they're talking to-- we also heard when Burton walked away from Maleficent that the studio was already eyeing David Yates to step in too.

So there's no guarantee that Aronofsky would take either of these, or that the studios wouldn't ultimately give the job to somebody else. But it is interesting watching Aronofsky as he tries to pick his next project, given that he's in the incredibly rare position of having made his weird, tiny-budget passion project that hit the jackpot at the box office. He can do anything he wants right now, and it's a matter of him deciding if he wants to take that newfound power to a studio that will play along, or go the indie route once again with the ability to raise far, far more money than he could before. You can't blame him for taking his time while he makes that decision.