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The Easter Egg Star Trek Beyond Is Including To Celebrate The Franchise Anniversary

This is a huge year for Star Trek. It was back in 1966 that the original television series began airing, and in the five full decades since it has become one of the most iconic and beloved franchises in all of pop culture. Of course, one of the key celebrations will be the release of Justin Lin’s Star Trek Beyond, but even that has some Easter eggs specifically pointing towards the big anniversary. Namely, the movie will be introducing 50 new species of alien to the Star Trek canon.

There were a lot of special moments during the Star Trek Fan Event that was held this past Friday in Los Angeles, but one of the most interesting was a specially edited video taking attendees behind the scenes of Star Trek Beyond. They discussed many aspects of the production, such as the fact that the sets were built on large, controllable gimbals that would shake the actors around, but one of the most interesting bits of trivia dropped was that the movie will feature 50 "different and unique" species never before seen in the storied franchise. This was a major undertaking, given that this means the film will feature more aliens than J.J. Abrams’ Star Trek and Star Trek Into Darkness combined.

As those who watched the recent trailer for Star Trek Beyond know, there will be two key aliens up front and center in the film’s plot. The first is Jaylah, a warrior played by Sofia Boutella, who winds up becoming an ally to some stranded members of the Enterprise crew:

Jaylah Star Trek Beyond

The second alien is Krall, who we know seriously hates the United Federation of Planets and winds up using a swarm of small ships to completely dismantle and destroy the Enterprise:

Krall Star Trek Beyond

You can watch them in action again in the Star Trek Beyond trailer below:

I have to say that I really like this idea. Partially because of their ties to planet Earth, both Star Trek and Star Trek Beyond didn’t sport an extreme amount of variety as far as aliens go (not to discount the numbers seen in the ranks of Starfleet). Fifty, meanwhile, is a pretty big number, and while it helps that the Enterprise crew will be out in deep space, three years into the famed five year mission, it will be exciting to see how they all wind up playing into the plot.

Star Trek Beyond will be in theaters on July 22nd.

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