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Since wrestlers have to put a lot of energy and effort into spectacle and performance when taking the stage, they seem to be natural candidates for acting. Still, not many WWE masters have managed to transition to the big or small screen, with The Rock probably being the most famous. Now, Randy Orton is giving acting a try with this week’s Blu-ray, DVD, and VOD release of 12 Rounds 2: Reloaded.

The movie will hit shelves on June 4, and to get fans pumped up about a following following a paramedic who must complete 12 challenges in order to keep a vengeful psychopath from killing those dear to him, Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment and WWE Studios have put together an exclusive clip from the movie, which shows Orton’s character, Nick Malloy, getting himself and another young man out of a sticky situation involving an ankle monitor.

12 Rounds 2 is a sequel to a the 2009 flick 12 Rounds, which followed John Cena stuck in a similar cat and mouse plotline. I’m a little surprised the movie earned a sequel, as the first flick didn’t have box office numbers to brag about. Still, the WWE is fond of back-to-back releases, and for fans of WWE performances, this may be one to watch. Plus, the Blu-ray combo pack and DVD will come with several bonus features related to the film. You can pre-order the set over at Amazon or catch the full list of extras, below.

12 Rounds 2 Extras
  • Randy Orton Reloaded
  • The Action of 12 Rounds 2: Reloaded
  • Locations: From Heller's Lair to the Sugar Factory
  • Audio Commentary

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