If you were one of the lucky sons of guns who was at Cannes this week, you're either too burned out from a week of partying on yachts, or you in fact do remember the sizzle reel from Django Unchained that The Weinstein Company showed for the assembled press. We read a lot of excited tweets and write-ups after that, and started getting excited ourselves, only to be hit with the cruel reality that Django Unchained doesn't come out until December 25, and it's going to be quite a while before we get a look at it ourselves.

But not all is lost! As soon as Friday, June 8, you can feel as fancy as those folks at Cannes, and catch what looks like an awesome sci-fi film while you're at it. Variety's Stuart Oldham is tweeting that "sources" have let him know that the first trailer for Django Unchained will run in front of Prometheus, the new Ridley Scott film that opens June 8. There's not an especially clear connection between the two films, beyond "two things the Internet is really, really excited about," but the Weinstein Company can't exactly wait to promote Django only in front of their own films, and Prometheus-- with its R rating and director pedigree-- is likely to bring in at least a somewhat similar crowd.

I'll be lucky enough to see Prometheus early at a press screening, but I'll also miss out on catching the Django trailer, so I'll be waiting patiently for it to finally make its way online. But the fact that the trailer is coming soon at all, a full six months before release, is good enough news as it is.

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