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It's been more than three years since we last saw Harold and Kumar, the adventuresome stoners who braved all kinds of peril on a quest to White Castle, then escaped from Guantanamo Bay in a slightly less hilarious sequel. But even if each following Harold and Kumar movie winds up being less funny than the one before it, the movies are still weirder and raunchier than most anything else out there, and provide the chance to see America's new crush Neil Patrick Harris going completely nuts and doing every drug available to him. That's why I can't help but look forward to A Very Harold & Kumar 3D Christmas, which can even be forgiven for jumping on the 3D bandwagon because it promises to give us the weirdest holiday special you ever imagined.

And though the movie won't be out until November, the weirdness has already begun. Yahoo! has premiered the first image from the film, in which Harold and Kumar are done up as rosy-cheeked tin soldiers, while NPH is holding a giant candy cane and wearing a velour suit that Bing Crosby might have admired. There's a lot to process, so you should probably just see for yourself below.

Though the movie shot over a year ago, and we saw some set photos from the shoot at a mall in Michigan, we don't really know much about the plot yet, which means this image could come from pretty much any moment in the film. But the Harold and Kumar movies are at their best when they're unpredictable, so I don't mind being in the dark for now. We'll probably get a look at a trailer soon anyway, as A Very Harold & Kumar 3D Christmas will kick off the holiday movie season on November 4.