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After what has now become years of delay and laziness on the part of Darren Aronofsky, his long anticipated, very cool looking movie The Fountain still doesn't have a release date. Aronofsky may not yet have been able to deliver a movie, but good news folks, he's made some really cool screensavers!

The Fountain Official Site has been baffling people since its appearance last year. It's hypnotic, bizarre, and completely devoid of any actual content. Warner Brothers has made their first update to it, and it's still devoid of content, but now you can view its lack of content in two hypnotic ways. Better yet, you can download its hypnotic non-content onto your computer and use it as a screensaver.

Normally, we wouldn't recommend our readers waste their time on content-lite movie official websites, but this one is a must see. Click over there to see the two version of the non-website. It looks like there are two more to come as well.

And… you can download the website as a hypnotic screensaver, but clicking on one of the images below. There are only two actually up on the official site, but we've managed to dig up a third which should show up on the official site later on.

fountain screensaver fountain screensaver fountain screensaver