Frank Grillo Joins Jason Statham And James Franco In Homefront

Frank Grillo's latest movie, End of Watch, will be in theaters this weekend, and as though he's celebrating the actor has landed a brand new part in an upcoming film. He is now in final negotiations to join the cast of Homefront, a new thriller being developed by Millennium Entertainment that already has Jason Statham and James Franco set to star. Gary Fleder, who previously directed movies like Runaway Jury and The Express, is helming the drama.

According to Variety, Statham will star as the lead in the movie, a former DEA agent who decides to leave his fast-paced world behind and moves with his family to a small quiet town. While things seem more than fine at first, the character slowly discovers that his new home is “rife with violence [and] drug traffickers,” the biggest threat being a big time meth magnate, who will be played by Franco. Should he sign on for the part Grillo will be playing one of Franco’s character’s henchmen. Sylvester Stallone both wrote the script and is serving as a producer on the project along with Kevin King and Avi Lerner.

Grillo has been all over the place in 2012, first taking a role alongside Liam Neeson in Joe Carnahan's The Grey in January. After End of Watch you'll be able to see him in Kathryn Bigelow's Zero Dark Thirty and at the very start of 2013 he will be in Ruben Fleischer's Gangster Squad. He also has a few indies in development including Henry Alex Rubin's Disconnect and David Marconi's Intersection.

UPDATE: THR has added the news that Kate Bosworth has taken a role in the movie as well. She will play Franco's "meth-addicted sister, who inadvertently starts the feud when her son, a bully, gets his butt handed to him by Statham’s daughter at school."

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