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Jennifer Aniston Making Racist Footloose

Jennifer Aniston is making a movie about evil southerners discriminating against biracial kids. Because you know that shit happens all the time down here. I’ve lived here thirty-two years and never seen it, but I have watched movies and all the ones in the south involve lynching. Another unrelated thing I’ve learned from Hollywood movies: White Castle may be a really long way away, but it’s worth the drive.

The movie’s called Holler and it’s inspired by true events. From the description over at THR it sounds kind of like Footloose with racism. A biracial kid moves into a Mississippi town, falls in love with a white girl but discovers the town’s grandfathered in racism prevents him from taking her as a date to the school’s segregated prom. He then becomes a catalyst for change, everything gets better, and eventually John Lithgow lets all the kids dance.

Aniston is exec producing the film with her partners at Echo Films and Screen Gems. No word on whether she’ll actually appear in it.