Long before he was chosen as the director of the next Bond film (October 2008 to be exact), director Sam Mendes was tapped to make an adaptation of the Vertigo comic Preacher. Pieces began to fall in to place, with John August hired to write the script and John Cusack expressing an interest in the lead role. But despite the fact that MGM has put the next Bond on hold, it seems Mendes won't be pulling a Guillermo Del Toro to get away from the studio, and it's looking less and less likely that he will be available to tackle Preacher. Fortunately for us, someone else is already eyeing the job.

Touring around promoting The A-Team, director Joe Carnahan has expressed interest in picking up the project for a feature adaptation. Speaking with Superhero Hype, Carnahan mentioned that he is "desperate to do another comic book adaptation" and that Preacher is at the top of his list. While he hasn't seen a script, the director seems tremendously enthusiastic about the film, saying that he is a big fan of the graphic novel's author Garth Ellis fan and able to name a fairly obscure character off-hand. In the same interview, Carnahan also mentioned the possibility of continuing attempts to make a Taskmaster film, which he has been trying to get done for years.

Who knew that he was such a geek? While he says "another" comic adaptation, there aren't any others listed on his filmography. Having read many volumes of the Preacher series, it is nice to see that there are people out there that still want to see it made. The story is completely over-the-edge and will piss off anybody with even one religious bone in their body, but it's so well written and drawn that it just begs for a feature treatment. Hopefully Carnahan can keep the dream alive.

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