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His glorious and luxurious adaptation of Anna Karenina marks Joe Wright's third collaboration with Keira Knightley. The English ingénue was gaining major fame Stateside after starring opposite Johnny Depp in Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl, when Wright cast her in the coveted role of beloved literary heroine Elizabeth Bennet in 2005's Pride & Prejudice. Her performance not only awed critics, but also earned Knightley her first Oscar nomination. The pair's next joint effort was 2007's Atonement, which also won much attention from the Academy Awards including seven nominations, and a win for Best Original Score. But their finest and most ambitious collaboration is undoubtedly the recently released Anna Karenina.

We've sung the praises of this incredible epic plenty already. Sean declared it one of the best films that the prestigious Toronto International Film Festival had to offer. Katey gave it a rare five stars in her review upon its theatrical release. The Opkino crew raved about it on a recent episode and I declared it a must-see movie over Thanksgiving break. But if you still need more convincing to see this remarkable cinema spectacle—or if you've seen it and just want another chance to relish in its rapture—check out the latest featurette from Yahoo. Here Wright, Knightley discuss how their collaboration has impacting the film, and what makes Anna Karenina so sensational.

With the cast and crew gushing so profusely about how terrific Knightley's performance is and how deep her devotion to the role was, it seems this featurette is meant as a kind of "For Your Consideration" ad. It's a relief to see Focus Features making such a push, since—despite all its grace, grandeur and great performances—this film appears to be getting lost in the shuffle with so many hotly anticipated titles nearing release. Does Knightley deserve an Oscar for her turn as the iconic and tragic Anna? See Anna Karenina and decide for yourself.