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He's soft-shoed through major action set pieces in Inception, broken hearts in (500) Days of Summer and 50/50, and mixed it up with Batman in Dark Knight Rises and action icon Bruce Willis in Looper. But following a string of shorts, actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt became a feature filmmaker, directing the racy rom-com Don Jon's Addiction.

Gordon-Levitt also wrote and starred in the comedy that recently debuted at the Sundance Film Festival, where it earned some rave review, even though our own Katey Rich found the tale of a porn-addicted Jersey Shore Don Juan who looks to evolve into a more mature man "simultaneously banal and offensive." (Check out her full review here.)

But the movie's muddled message and apparent misogyny don't much matter to Relativity Media, which snagged the domestic distribution rights and promised a $25 million print and advertising campaign to promote its release. After all, Don Jon's Addiction is still a movie starring JGL, who has a legion of fans, not only from his feature film work but also from his open-collaboration production company hitRECord.

Still, with smatterings of graphic sex intercut throughout the narrative, Don Jon's Addiction would have a tough battle with the MPAA ahead in its current condition. But speaking to THR at the Berlin International Film Festival, where the film is now screening, Gordon-Levitt acknowledged cuts would have to be made. In fact, he expected as much. Revisionary editing of the festival cut will commence once Gordon-Levitt returns from Berlin. But the budding filmmaker doesn't seem bothered by the censorship demanded to make the movie more commercially viable, Instead he offers:
“I think it is important that those images are in there, but what precisely you see isn't that important. What's important is the rhythm of the film, the repetition of what the Don Jon character does, over and over.”

Don Jon's Addiction will play next at the South by Southwest Film Festival. A theatrical release will follow later this year.