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The Sundance Film Festival closing night awards ceremony is one of the festival's highlights, and yet one of the most sparsely attended. Coming at the end of the 10-day fest, when many journalists and attendees have already left town, the awards ceremony is still attended by a ton of the big names at the festival-- and this year, it will be hosted by one as well.

Sundance has announced that Joseph Gordon-Levitt, who is bringing his directorial debut Don Jon's Addiction to the festival, will host the closing-night awards ceremony, which will happen on January 26. If you're not making your way to Park City, don't w0rry-- the awards are also live-streamed at www.sundance.org/festival, and the show to be way looser and more fun than your usual Oscars, so it's probably worth tuning in anyway. It's hard to know at this point what the big films will be, but you can check back here in about two weeks for all the Sundance coverage we can offer. Some years I have terrible luck and catch absolutely nothing that wins awards, but last year I did pretty well, so here's hoping I'm on a winning streak.

For a sense of how important Sundance awards can be, check out the rundown of last year's winners, which included Oscar hopefuls like Beasts of the Southern Wild, The Sessions and The House I Live In, plus buzzed-about indie successes like Sleepwalk With Me and Safety Not Guaranteed. So even if you're not going to Sundance, you can watch the awards to know what to look out for-- and have the charming presence of Joseph Gordon-Levitt as a bonus.
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