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The cast for World War Z is bulking up by the day, and yet, I still can't figure out exactly how director Marc Forster has decided to adapt Max Brooks's giant novel into a workable film. According to Deadline Ed Harris and Matthew Fox are both in talks to join the film, though the roles aren't specified; Forster is also bringing in French actress Julia Levy-Boeken, and of course her role isn't specified either.

Brooks's novel, which purports to be an oral history of the "zombie war," is a series of interviews strung together by a reporter (Brad Pitt) who interviews everyone from American soldiers who fought off zombie hordes in New York City to the remote Chinese villagers who witnessed what was probably the first outbreak of the zombie disease. It's a huge, captivating book, but beyond the general sense of the rise and fall of the zombie hordes, not the kind of neat narrative that lends itself to the screen. Casting Pitt as the interviewer already indicates the screenplay has changed a lot of details, as the interviewer in the book is effectively a stand-in for Brooks, largely unseen and silent as he leaves room for his subjects' stories. Enos has been cast to play Pitt's wife, a character that also doesn't exist in the book.

So instead of going back to the source material to figure out which characters Harris and Fox might play, just assume they'll fit in their own way into a global narrative about a zombie war. And read World War Z for your own reasons, since it's a fantastic book that, if everything goes right, will inspire a very different but also good movie.