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Michelle Trachtenberg And Seth Green Are A Pair Of Sexy Evil Geniuses

It’s sort of a Buffy reunion! Almost. OK, not really, but we fans have to take our Vampire Slayer connections where we can get them. It’s been a long eight years since our beloved TV series went off the air.

Buffy alums Seth Green and Michelle Trachtenberg, instead of leading the charge of a reunion, will be lending their talents to the indie drama Sexy Evil Genius, which is not a spinoff of the Austin Powers franchise no matter how much it sounds like it. Genius actually is an L.A.-based drama about a conniving woman (Katee Sackhoff) who lures a group of strangers to a bar and eventually reveals the bizarre way that they are all connected. The Hollywood Reporter says Billy Baldwin and Lost co-star Harold Perrineau Jr. will join the cast, and that Shawn Piller, executive producer of ABC Family's Greek, will direct.

While we can’t share much more about the plot, THR notes something extremely interesting about the scipt. It was penned by Scott Lew, a filmmaker who suffers from Lou Gehrig’s Disease. The trade says Lew “wrote the script using an infrared dot on his forehead, pointing to letters and words on the computer screen.” Now that’s impressive. If Sexy stalls in production, maybe they should create a movie about Lew’s story. It sounds more interesting, like a combination of My Left Foot and Adaptation ... and who wouldn’t pay to see that?

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