Milo Ventimiglia Wants To Play Robin

Well, Heroes is getting close to tanking unless the third season is any good, and no Dark Knight sequel has been announced, but that can't stop a kid from dreaming, eh? Comics2Film picked up on a chat between Heroes star Milo Ventimiglia and the gossip site Showbiz Spy, in which Peter Petrelli talks about how he'd really like to put on those yellow tights.

"I always thought I would make a great Robin. I would love to be Christian Bale's sidekick in Batman. Even when I was younger I never wanted to be Batman."

I'm sure Christian Bale, who has said he would refuse to come to work if Robin were introduced to the series, will be thrilled to hear that. As will Christopher Nolan, who has sworn up and down multiple times that Robin has no place in his vision of Batman's universe. It's all well and good to dream about which superhero or sidekick you'd like to play, but probably best to keep to yourself. Blabbing to a gossip site about how you want to play a role that will never, ever exist just makes you look a little silly.

Katey Rich

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend