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Though it's been in some kind of stalled development for years now, Paramount's planned adaptation of Max Brooks's novel World War Z seemed to be enjoying new life as of July, with Brad Pitt ready to star as one of the soldiers fighting off the invading undead hordes, and Quantum of Solace's Marc Forster set to direct. The novel, which purports to be an oral history of the zombie war that nearly destroyed humanity, was going to be incredibly tricky to adapt, but also had major potential to be a stellar action movie.

Apparently Paramount still believes the movie could work, but not quite enough to sink the full required $125 million into making it happen. According to Vulture the studio is looking for some deep-pocketed investors to help them foot the bill for the film, which would be a PG-13 rated giant action movie starring Brad Pitt and therefore kind of a sure thing, but also an investment in something that isn't a comic book or a toy, which apparently represents too great a risk these days. Paramount Film Group President Adam Goodman promised Vulture, "We're really committed to making a big, kick-ass giant movie with Marc Forster and Brad Pitt," but apparently not so committed they'll shoulder the risk themselves.

I really like World War Z the book, and even though I suspect the movie version will have to be drastically altered-- there's not even a main character in the book, just a series of people telling their personal stories-- I think it has what it takes to make a worthwhile blockbuster. It's depressing that Paramount doesn't have enough faith in it to sink the cash in themselves, but hey, at least they're not pulling a Universal and giving up entirely. If you've got a spare $50 million or so to invest in a blockbuster movie, please give Paramount a call and make this project a reality.