Ridley Scott Wants Harrison Ford To Have A Role In The Blade Runner Sequel

As unlikely as it seems, Ridley Scott really is planning to follow up his Alien-connected new film Prometheus with a sequel to Blade Runner, his other famous and hugely influential sci-fi film that starred Harrison Ford as the replicant-hunter Deckard. Well, first he's planning a more conventional drama called The Counselor, but the Blade Runner sequel plans seem to be up and running-- to the point that Scott is willing to talk off the cuff about just how involved his former star would be.

Talking to The Independent in the UK, Scott confirmed that the new Blade Runner film will be a sequel, not a prequel, and that though Harrison Ford won't be starring in the film, he might pop up in unexpected ways in the film:

. "I don't think it'll be Harry [starring]. But I've got to have him in it somewhere. That'd be amusing.

Amusing? Is amusing enough reason for him to get the famously cranky Ford back on set? Is it enough reason to convince Ford to come back at all? There's no way of knowing, which is why Scott is basically just messing with us by saying this. With the original film's screenwriter Hampton Fancher in negotiations to join the film, things seem to be coming together pretty well, even though we kind of never thought we'd see the Blade Runner sequel actually happen. But with or without Ford, is this a movie you want to see? The anticipation for Prometheus is so huge that if Scott pulls it off, we'll all be begging for him to keep making sci-fi movies. But is a Blade Runner sequel the way to go forward with that? Or should he pick an original project to avoid the risk of tarnishing one of his best films? Sound off in the comments below.

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend