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Robocop Gets PG-13 Rating And Viral Website Update

Right along with a rather subdued Comic-Con panel – at least when compared to all the gigantic superhero news - José Padilha’s Robocop reboot updated its viral website recently,, promoting the fictional multi-national conglomerate run by CEO and founder Raymond Sellars, played in the film by Michael Keaton. “Raymond Sellars doesn’t deny reality. He’s motivated by it.” Makes you feel really good about the guy, right? Right up until he populates the country with a freakishly dangerous robotic army that becomes hellbent on destroying humanity. Only, we probably won’t get to see too much destruction, as the film has been robo-rated PG-13 by the MPAA. Anyone hoping this arguably unneeded reboot might get saved by its dark tone and violence like Dredd did last year will probably be in for a disappointment. No, a film doesn’t have to be violent to be good, but if I want to see a Robocop movie without any bloodshed, I’ll just put the Inspector Gadget cartoon on.

The OmniCorp site is obviously tied into a time before calamity strikes, and they want you, the visitors, to believe in what they have to offer: safety through technology. They offer us a chance to look at all their products, including the human-ish EM-208 and its nightmarish big brother, the EM-209. Interested in the size, speed and weapon capabilities of these guys? It’s all there for you. As well, get the specs on the “aerial vigilance” of the stealthy XT-908 fighter jet and the C-1 motorcycle, both of which look tailor-made for toy lines. And hey, since the film is begin marketed to wider audiences, expect those toys to get made. Check out pictures of both vehicles below.



The site also wants everyone to join the RC-2000 Program, which will no doubt involve a few quick survey questionnaires and the option to get movie news sent to your email address. Sadly, none of those tests are currently available. That makes sense, given the film is still quite a ways off, but I never understood putting out websites that aren’t completed. What if I wanted to join RC-2000 today, but tomorrow I’m skittish about it?

While I’m all about films’ viral sites, this one just doesn't stack up when it totally lacks stars. If this site is for Sellars’ company, then I want to see Michael Keaton’s face plastered all over it. Maybe have Samuel Jackson giving somebody an interview. But if weapon stats are your deal, then this is the site for you.

Robocop, starring Joel Kinnaman in the title role, will enforce justice on February 7, 2014. Check out the Omni-Corp promotional video below and tell us if you’re excited about this flick in the comments.

Nick Venable

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