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Guys, I don't care how much you love The Simpsons-- this is good news. Matt Groening and showrunner Al Jean have confirmed that they don't want to do a second Simpsons movie, while talking to Morgan Spurlock, for some reason, at the Mipcom sales mart, whatever that is. Let's stop with the confusing attribution stuff and get down to the quote, as reported in Variety:

"It took 18 years to get around to doing the movie. We got very frustrated. We thought it would take two years but it ended up taking four. Some day maybe we'll do another one -- but don't hold your breath."

Of course, these guys aren't all that good at predicting the future, given that there's still no end in sight for the series, which is currently in its 21st season. As Groening put it, "We cannot predict the end because we can't believe we are still here today."

Given that the TV version of The Simpsons is widely considered to be in an ongoing creative decline, and the movie was merely OK at best, I can't see any compelling reason to take another shot at the big screen-- except for money, of course. That motivation might make the whole thing happen after all, but it sounds like Groening and Jean have enough else on their plate for now.