I’m a big fan of midnight screenings and, since I’m a night owl and up anyway, I see a lot of movies that way. Over the past few years they’ve become more commonplace, a lot of theaters run midnight screenings for almost every major release, and even some less major ones. But there won’t be any for Sherlock Holmes.

Warner Bros. announced today that they’re cancelling plans to screen Sherlock in midnight screenings on Thursday December 24th. There won’t be any and so, we night owls, will have to hang out together at an early morning 10am screenings or something. I’m not sure what I’ll do with myself. I guess I could try sleeping. I hear that works for some people.

In the case of Holmes I suppose it makes sense. The movie opens on Christmas Day, which means any potential midnight screening would happen on Christmas Eve while people are normally home tucking their kids in bed and dressing up in Santa suits which they’ll wear while they sneak presents under the tree. Much as we all want to see Sherlock Holmes, there are probably more holiday appropriate ways to spend Christmas Eve.

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