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We’ve all stayed in some petrifying hotels during our travels. None of this is actually by design, it’s just something you learn when you arrive at your destination. But a certain hotel in Colorado is using its creepy past to actually entice visitors, and it’s all because of its link to The Shining. Instead of just being a place where you can rest your weary head, though, the powers that be have decided to build a horror museum at the establishment – just to ramp up the fear factor even more. 

According to the LA Times, The Stanley Hotel, which is located in Estes Park, Colorado, announced plans to create the additional building to house a film production studio, film archive, and horror-themed museum. What’s The Stanley Hotel’s connection to The Shining? Well, it’s the venue where Stephen King was initially inspired to write his best-selling 1977 novel, which was then adapted by Stanley Kubrick into a film that King himself has long admitted he despises. 

This addition will be called the Stanley Film Center and include an auditorium, museum, and various traveling film exhibits, plus a sound stage, post-production, and editing facilities. Doesn’t sound too shabby at all. In fact, it’s something that I’m sure the late, great Stanley Kubrick himself would doff his cap to. 

The Stanley Film Center will be a non-profit, public-private partnership, and will work alongside Denver’s Colorado Film School on a variety of educational projects. Whether that includes getting twins to stand in hallways in identical clothes or asking children to ride around on a plastic three-wheeler hasn’t been confirmed. But, really, it’s the least they can do.

In order to make this a reality, though, The Stanley are asking for a few extra pennies. How much? Well, they just need a further $11.5 million from the Colorado tourism funds, for a total of $24 million, to fulfil the idea of turning it into a “year-round horror destination.”

It’s not just the fine folks over in Colorado who are banding together to try and turn The Stanley into a bona-fide spooky establishment. Simon Pegg of Star Trek, Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation, and Shaun Of The Dead fame, as well as Lord Of The Rings’ Elijah Wood, have lent their support by joining the museum’s founding board.

The Shining is lauded as one of the greatest horror movies ever made, and it’s arguably the finest example of how painstakingly meticulous and detailed, but also how utterly engrossing, Stanley Kubrick was as a filmmaker. It’s also littered with iconic moments, and possesses a titanic Jack Nicholson performance. Simply put, if you’ve not watched it, you really need to. Only then will you be able to show your face in Colorado, and at The Stanley Hotel.