UPDATE: Spielberg's rep has told The Wrap that neither Spielberg nor his DreamWorks Entertainment will be optioning this book. Our original story follows below.

Kathryn Bigelow is going to have the first cinematic word on the assassination of Osama bin Laden with this December's Zero Dark Thirty, but as with any good real life story, there's room for another take. And who better to do it than Steven Spielberg, who's got his own biopic of Abraham Lincoln coming this fall, and who has told plenty of big real-life tales in the past with the likes of Schindler's List and Munich.

For Spielberg's own take on Osama bin Laden, he would be adapting the Navy SEAL eyewitness account No Easy Day: The Firsthand Account of the Mission That Killed Osama bin Laden. According to The New York Post, the SEAL in question-- Matt Bissonnette, who wrote the book under the pen name Mark Owen-- is in talks with Spielberg's DreamWorks Entertainment to turn the book into a film. That doesn't mean Spielberg would wind up directing it himself-- he's shepherded plenty of projects simply as a producer-- but his name could add plenty of prestige, which they'll need if Bigelow's film becomes a hit and makes it that much harder for another bin Laden film to make an impact.

While he puts that together, though, there's yet another bin Laden film also in the works, this one with Into the Blue director John Stockwell attached to direct, at least as of October of last year. All of these projects are unlikely to go forward until Bigelow's Zero Dark Thirty debuts in December, but if you want an advance look at the potential Spielberg project, you don't have long to wait-- Bissonnette's book is set to hit shelves on September 11.

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