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Movies that make an estimated $80 million worldwide don’t tend to spark much sequel talk. And yet, the acclaimed Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy generated such critical heat – primarily around Gary Oldman’s wonderfully subdued performance – that talk of a second effort isn’t completely farfetched. The movie did turn a profit by keeping costs down. Oldman earned an Oscar nod for his turn as British spy Smiley. Another chapter just might be in the works.

During the press day for Les Miserables, producer Eric Fellner – who also helped finance Tinker Tailor -- told Collider that director Tomas Alfredson and his team at Working Title were exploring an adaptation of John le Carre’s novel Smiley’s People as a possible sequel. Le Carre wrote several books with the Tinker Tailor characters, meaning multiple films could be constructed from this universe. But in People, in particular, it once again deals with the talented spy being pulled out of retirement for a case, giving Oldman one more crack at the reserved gentleman.

Fellner goes so far as to say that the picture is “in development,” with Tinker screenwriter Peter Straughan working on a script with Alfredson. As for the original, Fellner says it “did unbelievably well and it didn’t hardly cost anything.” You know that is helping Working Title pull the trigger on a follow up.

I’m not sure I’m gung-ho for Alfredson to adapt another Le Carre book. The dry-as-dust Tinker Tailor proved impenetrable for me, despite the brilliant cast. And while I acknowledge Oldman’s mesmerizing tics in the role, give me the exaggerated sprint of Skyfall any day. Still, those who wanted more of Tinker can rejoice, as those wheels appear to be spinning.