New Titanic 3D Poster Features Jack, Rose And The Ill-Fated Ship

It’s Valentine’s Day, which may inspire many movie fans to dig through their video collection for a film that’ll make their heart swoon. Titanic may very well fill the craving. However, with the movie set to make its (official) 3D debut this April, some may prefer to refrain from revisiting the film, in anticipation. I actually decided months ago that I was going to ignore my typically annual urge to rewatch Titanic in an effort to build up an appetite for the story over time. While there’s so much potential for this particular movie to be even more visually stunning with the enhancements of 3D technology, I also want to be as excited to see the movie again as I am to see it in 3D, which is a bit of a challenge when factoring in how many times I’ve seen it since its 1997 release.

A Titanic-free diet leading up to the film’s re-release into theaters is one way to heighten the anticipation. Another is to enjoy some of the tidbits released to build the hype for the movie. Today, that comes in the form of a new(ish) poster advertising Titanic’s 3D release.

Here it is, courtesy of

If I’m being honest, I’m not in love with this. Sure, it sells the disaster angle, with the image of the sinking ship, but it seems a little too close to the previously released poster and it feels a bit cluttered.

One of the reasons my hopes are set high for Titanic in 3D is because this is a film that’s made up of so many moments that have the potential to look amazing with a 3D make-over, some of which aren’t necessarily “big” scenes. Case in point...

The above image not only shows Rose and Jack seated together while she looks through his drawings, it also gives us a nice view of one of the outdoor decks, the depth of which could be enhanced nicely in 3D. Alas, that thought might not come through in poster form with this image, so maybe going the more direct route with images of a distressed Jack and Rose, blended with the sinking ship to remind everyone of where this story is going, will serve the film better in drumming up interest for the 3D release.

Titanic’s 3D release is set for April 4, 2012. More on the film can be found in our Blend Film Database.

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