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Those of us who are already fans of James Cameron’s Titanic hardly need a trailer to build our interest in the film’s return to the big screen and 3D debut. All the same, between the familiar song and the equally familiar moments from the movie featured, this TV spot does serve as a reminder that April isn’t all that far away.

There are two different stories being told in Titanic, one of which captured many a heart, while the other told the true story of an ill-fated ship on her maiden voyage. Jack (Leonardo DiCaprio) and Rose’s (Kate Winslett) romance is a tale of two people from very different backgrounds finding one another on the big ship, and falling in love. And then there’s the tragic story of Titanic, a ship that never made it to her destination. Cameron painted a vivid picture of the story with the 1997 film, and the movie may prove to be all the more vivid with a 3D make-over.

The TV spot below, courtesy of Yahoo, has Celine Dion’s “My Heart Will Go On” playing over various scenes from the movie, including Rose and Jack “flying” at the bow of the ship and dancing together, and later, the ship hitting the iceberg, including the memorable "Iceberg, right ahead!" line.

Titanic’s re-release into theaters is set for April 4, 2012, six days before the centennial of the RMS Titanic’s departure from England. Those of you with an interest in Titanic and movies may also want to check out the 1958 film A Night to Remember.

Meanwhile, if you think you’re Titanic‘s biggest fan, there’s a contest going on at the Titanic Facebook page to win a trip to London for the Titanic premiere.