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Warner Bros. Planning Reboots/Remakes Of Lethal Weapon And The Wild Bunch

There are some really good reasons to reboot a franchise or do a remake. Some films just don't age well over time. Others have an interesting concept that simply wasn't executed well. Sadly, none of that really matters in Hollywood. For executives, the reason to remake or reboot is to capitalize on an existing brand, regardless of how amazing or classic the original was. Perfect example? This story.

THR has learned that with the departure of Warner Bros. executive Jessica Goodman, the studio is now planning a reboot of the Lethal Weapon franchise and has started planing remakes of The Wild Bunch, Westworld, The Dirty Dozen, Oh, God, and Tarzan. All of the remakes have been in development for years under Goodman, but with her leaving the projects are being re-distributed among other executives trying to make a splash. According to the article, agents have already begun considering casting opportunities and shortlisting possible players.

I know that I've been cheering on the return of the western in recent months, but I'd rather Hollywood abandon the entire genre then see them remake The Wild Bunch. And Lethal Weapon? Why the hell would you want to soil something as wonderful as the chemistry between Mel Gibson and Danny Glover? This is an all-around travesty and needs to be stopped. Find some original material and leave the classics alone.

Eric Eisenberg

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