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Glee fans can rejoice! Their 3D movie concert event has finally come to the big screen. The bad news is for the movie's distributor, Fox: hardly anyone showed up to see it. Glee The 3D Concert Movie bowed in just shy of the top ten, singing and dancing its way to only $5 million for a weak eleventh place debut.

The response is even more dismal when compared to other similar movie-concert "experiences". Justin Bieber: Never Say Never opened earlier this year at number 2 with $29 million and the Jonas Brothers' 3D concert flick bowed in with $12 million two years ago.

Three other new releases hit screens this weekend, but none could bump Caesar and his rebellions apes from the number one spot. Rise of the Planet of the Apes swung into the triple digit club earning an additional $27 million to top $104 million in domestic sales to date.

The closest contender was Oscar bait hopeful The Help. After earning $10 million over Thursday and Friday it added $25 million this weekend for a close second place.

The fifth installation in the Final Destination franchise landed in the third place spot with $18 million. It's not the worst opening for a Final Destination film, but it does mark the first time ever that an entry failed to do better than its predecessor. I guess even fans were secretly hoping that the previous movie, dubbed THE Final Destination, might finally put the aging plot concept to rest.

Despite being one of the most widely marketed films of the last few months 30 Minutes or Less proved to be one of the lesser R-rated comedies of the summer. With $13 million it settled for fifth place beneath The Smurfs which just barely topped $100 million in domestic sales this weekend.

Cowboys & Aliens wasn't able to rustle up any miracles this weekend, slipping from third to sixth place and only just breaking $81 million in total sales after its third weekend in theaters. With a budget of over $160 million and little help coming from international sales, Jon Favreau's genre-fusing adventure is shaping up to be one of the summer's biggest financial flops.

For the full weekend top ten, check out the chart below:

Rise of the Planet of the Apes $27,500,000 Total: $104,876,000 LW: 1 WR: 2
THTRS: 3,691
The Help * $25,525,000 Total: $35,399,000 LW: N WR: 1
THTRS: 2,534
Final Destination 5 * $18,400,000 Total: $18,400,000 LW: N WR: 1
THTRS: 3,155
The Smurfs $13,500,000 Total: $101,546,000 LW: 2 WR: 3
THTRS: 3,427
30 Minutes or Less * $13,000,000 Total: $13,000,000 LW: N WR: 1
THTRS: 2,888
Cowboys & Aliens $7,613,000 Total: $81,476,000 LW: 3 WR: 3
THTRS: 3,310
Captain America: The First Avenger $7,125,000 Total: $156,885,000 LW: 5 WR: 4
THTRS: 2,835
Crazy, Stupid, Love. $6,930,000 Total: $55,402,000 LW: 7 WR: 3
THTRS: 2,635
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 $6,875,000 Total: $356,961,000 LW: 6 WR: 5
THTRS: 2,414
The Change-Up $6,219,000 Total: $25,751,000 LW: 4 WR: 2
THTRS: 2,913